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Gail Smith

Gail comes to Crossroads House with 20 plus years’ experience as an office manager. Yes, Crossroads House is a Comfort Care Home. Along side the extremely compassionate personal care given to our residents there is a business side to the organization. Gail “mans the ship” keeping up on all the rules and regulations put forth by the government to keep Crossroads House in compliance. Gail is an active volunteer firefighter and Medic with a local fire department. She loves to cook – cooking for our residents (and staff) and for many of our events held throughout the year. If there is a kitchen nearby you will surely find Gail in it. Gail is well known here at the house as the “Dog Sitter”. Yes, sitter. Her love for animals drives her to harass the staff to allow her to puppysit their animals when they go on a well-deserved vacation. She adopted Sasha from a resident’s family and Sasha quickly became the “house dog” coming to work with Gail every day. She also finds time to do Scrapbooking, and catering. Gail’s statement for what Crossroads means to her – “I came here for a job – it took a whole sum total of 2 days to make the determination that this is where God wants me to be and the only way to get rid of me now is to carry me out in a pine box.”


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