Crossroads House is staffed with trained end of life caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of them are volunteers: retired nurses, teachers, and others, who are willing to devote their time for training and ensuring that our residents have a dignified quality of life for their remaining days. Our staff and volunteers become the resident’s “extended family” as they tend to their physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs.  Hands-on care consists of bathing and skin care, preparation of simple meals, assisting with feeding, medication administration, and nebulizer treatments if needed. They also assist the family as they prepare to say good-bye.

The primary goals of our caregivers are pain management and proper symptom control management. They work closely with the certified home health agency (Homecare & Hospice, VNA) and our Medical Advisor to provide comfort care measures for our residents. Our Medical Advisor conducts a physical exam within 24 hours of admission and is available for a consultation upon request from our resident or their family.

Oftentimes, a family member is so inspired by the wonderful care that Crossroads House has to offer their loved one that later on, they decide to become involved in our mission and sign up for a caregiver class.