Crossroads House On Air 2021

Listen locally for updates and announcements or Crossroads House events on WBTA and WCJW. Join us on WBTA's Main and Center with Chris Kalen to hear uplifting and compelling stories of comfort care in our community.

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WBTA Main and Center December 2021

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” as the song goes, but not everybody feels that way. Join Kathy Panepento, Founder of Crossroads House as she shares some techniques for managing grief during the holidays.

WBTA Main and Center October 2021

Meet Crossroads House volunteer shift-mates Norma Jensen and “Lolly” Lolette Hittle who not only serve our residents together on Thursday afternoons, but whose friendship has flourished beyond the walls of 11 Liberty Street, as well. Our residents are blessed by these two fun-loving ladies, and so are we!

WBTA Main and Center September 2021

Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories. Volunteer Sue Chiddy shares a heartfelt story of the time her Mother was a resident at Crossroads House, and how returning to our garden on April 2nd every year allows her to feel a special closeness to her Mom.

WBTA Main and Center August 2021

Helen Hulburt, a familiar face in the Byron-Bergen Central School District, and her family, have found a cause and make a difference together at the 21st Annual Van Hulburt Memorial Golf Tournament held in memory of Helen's husband, Van. In this installment, she shares how Van's legacy of helping others has carried forward into the next generation.

WBTA Main and Center July 2021

Having recently experienced the loss of a loved one, Julie Carasone decided that she wanted to bring comfort to those in their last days. Along with our Volunteer Coordinator, Emily Crawford, Julie discusses why living life wholeheartedly and using it to help others is a wonderful way to spend your time on this Earth.

WBTA Main and Center June 2021

Charlotte & Deanna Crawford talk about how Crossroads House impacted their lives during the passing of their beloved father/grandfather and the special place it continues to hold in both of their hearts.

WBTA Main and Center May 2021

Executive Director Jeff Allen announces an exciting new way in which the mission of Crossroads House is expanding in the community and shares a story about a recent road trip taken with a resident and his family.

WBTA Main and Center: Classy Chassy

Our broadcast on Main And Center featuring Kim Pangrazio discussing Classy Chassy's upcoming fundraiser in memory of her mother and why Crossroads House  is near and dear to her heart.

WBTA Main and Center April 2021

Join Diane Sia and Chris Kalin as they welcome their guest, Jackie Swinarski, on WBTA’s Main and Center program. Jackie shares stories about those who cared for her Mother while she was a resident at Crossroads House: having her hair professionally styled by Carol Grasso, enjoying the company of the volunteers, and how her Mother spent her last night.

WBTA Main and Center March 2021

Mother & daughter,  Cindy Lowder and Tara Johnson discuss their history as caregivers and Crossroads House volunteers.

WBTA Main and Center February 2021

Our founder, Kathy Panepento discusses her motivations for starting a comfort care home.

WBTA Main and Center January 2021

Our UB Masters Social Working Program Interns Sara and Jessica introduce themselves and discuss their interest in comfort care.